Lego watches and clocks now available from Big Wheels Toys.

Zomlings from Global Discovery will hit the market with a heavyweight TV advertising campaign and sampling program to ensure the mysterious miniature monsters are the talk of the playground.

Defeat the shark and claim victory with Zuru's hot new Micro Boats series.

Evergreen favourite Pokemon turns 20 and launches the Train On campaign to celebrate.

GobSmax is a collectable with a difference: ball-shaped characters that are all mouth and attitude.

Ty Peek-A-Boos, a new collection of smartphone holders, is sure to fire avaricious urges in plush collectors everywhere.

Get ready to unleash the speed with Rev Racerz!

Diecast models inspired by the Fast n Furious movie franchise asks the age old question: does muscle really beat import every time?

Dinosaurs and penguins join the lively Digi pets choir from Global Discovery.

Snuggle up with a plush Eye of Cthulhu or stare down the Skeletron.

Big Balloon is bringing some of the hottest, exclusive properties to the toy market in Australia.

Global Discovery has all the hot chicks at their stand.

The U Games motto is to educate, create, entertain and inspire.

Go on holiday with Modern Brands' award-winning collectable.

Since its debut in February 2014, this range has been a regular fixture on the doll category hit list.