Hunter Leisure is a 50 year old Australian family enterprise, that provides the most comprehensive range of leisure products including toys, sporting goods, stationery, craft, party and carnival products throughout Australia.

Our innovative and dedicated production, design and manufacturing teams ensure the most efficient production development processes, as well as the most innovative retail marketing and merchandising campaigns!

If you're looking for the hottest toys for Christmas, these are our top picks!


Fun is now just a bubble away!

The Lick-A-Bubble Blower and two-pack bubble solution will tease your little one's taste buds!

Create edible bubbles by simply mixing with your favourite drink then; blow, eat and repeat. There's hours of fun to be had creating all sorts of fun flavours!

This awesome product was invented in 2015 by a paediatrician, allergist/immunologist and a physician scientist – so the bubbles are completely safe!

Lick-A-Bubble is perfect for kids of all ages and provides the ultimate experience for parties, events and concerts!

Lick-A-Bubble is the hottest stocking-stuffer idea for a summer of fun!

Laser X

Laser X is the ultimate hi-tech game of tag, where all the gear works together!

Kids can experience the thrill of real life gaming with Laser X's cool active play suitable for both indoor and outdoor use during the day or night!

Get pinpoint accuracy from up to 60 metres away and surprise blast your opponents!

Available in single or double pack blasters plus the new Long Range Blaster and Gaming Tower accessories.

Now the choice is yours. Are you team red or blue? Playing solo or picking your opponent? Or are you taking the head to head vs the Gaming Tower challenge?


For more information, contact Hunter Lesiure Sales
Phone number: 03 9287 9888

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