Arts & Crafts

The classic mix-and-match fashion drawing set is back, and better than ever.

The Euro Easel is a gorgeous, large, full-four-function easel that is usable from toddler-age right through to tween-age.

Whether its the fairy magic of Dream Stones or the customisable customisable jewellery and accessories line, Bitzy Blitz, girls have great new ways to shine.

With the 3Doodler Start Essentials set, kids truly can draw vertically in the air.

Style Me Up is a fashion-forward brand that encourages creativity, personal style and a do-it-yourself attitude.

Kids will have fun making their own super-tiny favourite foods with Yummy Nummies!

Create with clay the Poppit way! Make a miniature world that looks so real.

The Original Spirograph is back in store and on the shelf, re-engineered and updated for today creatives.

Gemmies is a fun new twist on the beautiful hobby craft of 3D gem weaving.

myStyle Craft kits tick all the boxes for girls to create beautiful on-trend jewellery they’ll be proud to wear and share.

The new range of Gift Set themes include Card Designer, Gift Box, Mandala Postcards, Shrink Art and Washi Tape Note Book.

Transform everyday objects into dazzling, sparkling creations with Bling It On Decorative Gem Putty.

Scribble Down transfer kits are the contemporary version of the classic transfer packs that many adults will remember fondly from their own childhood.

ColourAway and Scribbla designs appeal to everyone, with each bearing its own unique, personal story.

Fuzzeez combines a child’s love of stuffed animals and transformative crafts.