Keycraft – Ground Level Canterbury Room


There are five factors inherent to impulse shopping: people, the environment, choice, value and accessibility. And Keycraft understands the Science of Impulse thoroughly.

Our vast client base gives us great insight into customer behaviours across a diverse range of retail environments. This means through customer profiling we can bring a fresh perspective to your range curation and product display; offering insights that increase impulse purchasing and therefore profit, per customer.

Understanding your retail environment is about helping you maximise opportunities to increase profit, while also enhancing the shopping experience.

When we curate a range of products for your environment, we create opportunities to enhance your offering and your bottom line. There is no one-size-fits-all range of products for every environment, or even for similar environments. We will suggest products that are the right fit for your customers specifically and your environment.

Value engineering is not about being cheap. It’s about balancing margin, quality and desirability for your particular environment and customer demographic. Done properly, low-cost, impulse purchases can become an important revenue generator.

Many businesses feel that with high volume, low price-point products, you need to pack as many items into the store as possible. At Keycraft, we believe in curating the right selection of products and putting them where customers will see them. So different collections need to be placed in certain parts of the store in order to maximise engagement and impulse purchasing.

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