Brush-on, peel-off nail polish; VR Distribution brings back the 1980’s sensation better than ever.

With the festive season in the visible near future, we asked Australia's gift wrapping doyenne, Vivienne Anthon, to share shares her top seven trends your customers will be looking for this year.

Talk about luminous! Arts and crafts are set to glow with the new Nuclear Neon range.

There are five factors inherent to impulse shopping: people, the environment, choice, value and accessibility. And Keycraft understands the Science of Impulse thoroughly.

Big Wheels Toys’ Lego watches and clocks are now available in an array of popular licenses.

Warning: the broad selection of fashion and craft inspired kits from Bright Spark toys might lead to bouts of indecision in-store.

Why go for the standard amber glow when Jasnor’s Angel Flames Coloured Flame Party Candles burn with red, purple, green, blue and gold flames that add extra magic to birthdays and special occasions.

Hasbro cries ‘havoc’ and lets slip the new Nerf Vortex range that hones the cutting edge of long-range, high-powered battle with the revolutionary XLR disc technology.

Tots can master new skills with a range that recreates the fun of shopping for, preparing and sharing food, just like the grown-ups do.

Children aged +3 will enjoy the realistic range of fruit, vegetables and fast food stuffs. The life-size pieces are made of semi-flexible, phthalate-free plastic.

The classic play Kitchen Set combines a traditional kitchen together with a work bench. The Work Bench with Tools lets kids learn about basic working tools and skills.

All new Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Ultimatrix enables kids to unlock an arsenal of new aliens and ultimate versions of classic heroes like Humungousaur, Swampfire, Spidermonkey, Echo Echo and Big Chill.

Pink Poppy is now launching its back to school range of backpacks, wallets, library/swimming bags, lunch bags and pencil cases through Yipose Trading.