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Following strong demand for its games, which significantly boosted Q1 sales, the toy giant will launch the Hasbro Gaming Crate subscription service this year.

Worldwide sales down 15 per cent, Barbie sales fell by 13 per cent.

After many years of speculation, the arrival of Amazon on our shores signifies a new era of competition between bricks-and-mortar and online retail.

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Adult Fans Of Lego claim discrimination over age limits at Australia’s first Legoland Discovery Centre playground in Melbourne.

By renegotiating a critical loan repayment and securing £1.5 million in new funds from existing investors, Mind Candy, the UK-based company behind Moshi Monsters, has avoided potential bankruptcy

New premium in-house brand, Blizzard Collectibles, will launch with a figure based on Overwatch's Widowmaker assasin.

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