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Mattel has released its Q4 and full year financial report.

The battery cover may not be securely attached, posing a choking hazard.

Glenn Abell will become accountable for all facets of the USA business from April 2019.

“The popularity of Squishmallows in 2018 has been phenomenal."

The business behind Sesame Street is celebrating 50 years in 2019.

"The old world order of retail is changing at a rapid pace."

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The children's character will have new channels and videos launched as part of a new YouTube strategy, to be managed by WildBrain.

264 items will be released in the new Adventure Time range.

The parnership will see WildBrain manage an exclusive library of Playmobil content.

The toy business has announced a licensing partnership for Barbie, as well as live-action film for Hot Wheels.

The Little Wiggles brand has provided fresh opportunities for Wiggles licensees.

The toy and shoe company have teamed up to offer a second run of school shoes, this time, with Treasure X included.