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800 exhibitors from this year's Spielwarenmesse donated their products to the cause.

The edition houses exclusive coverage of the Australian Toy Hobby & Licensing Fair as well as the international toy fairs.

Here is the full gallery from both the local and international fairs.

In its 50th year, Kidstuff is on an expansion trail.

Before you chow down on your democracy sausage, consider these policies.

"We are maintaining our outlook for 2019 and expect that the balance of the year will be more reflective of the underlying strength of our business."

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"We're making 52 more Blueys."

"Our new identity is also symbolic of the changes that have occurred in the licensing industry."

50 years on since Lego launched the Duplo brand, the business has unveiled a new play area at Chadstone.

"We’ll create brand new physical and digital play-based experiences that will get kids engaged in ways that no small screen device could."

In a new initiative announced today, consumers will be able to personalise a range of products with their favourite Disney characters.

The series debut ranked at number one in its 12.30pm time slot on all TV with kids from two to 11.